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Monday, June 18, 2007

Think positive!

Cowboy Bob used to say, "If you can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all." I thought about applying that to my blog today - "If you can't blog anything nice then don't blog anything at all."

But then I remembered what we used to do with the kids, primarily Joel, at suppertime. When Joel was younger he hated supper - it didn't matter what we were having, he hated it. Tired of hearing nothing but complaints at suppertime, I instituted a rule - no more negative comments instead everyone had to make three positive comments about supper.

So now instead of comments like "that smells bad" and "is my grilled cheese supposed to be black" we heard positive comments at the table like "my milk is cold" and "my fork is clean." Suppertime became much more pleasant for everyone.

Keeping with that thought, I have decided instead of complaining about my day, I am going to list three positive things about today.

1. Joel went with me to the grocery store which gave me an excuse to buy Reese Cups in the check out lane.

2. My argument with Levi on why he could not drive to Daniel's birthday party ended with Levi apologizing for arguing. Honestly, does he think I was born yesterday? Levi, Daniel, and Nick in town all night with a car at their disposal - I don't think so!

3. I still have a job after calling in sick two of my two scheduled days last week. Now I get to work tomorrow (insert smile - trying to be positive).

There, that was better than complaining!

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