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Friday, June 15, 2007


Tonight is the annual Spring Recital for Mrs. Parker's voice students. This year is a little different in that she has recruited several people to be in a chorus. They are doing a few numbers from the musical The Mikado. I am playing the piano for 4 of those songs and Megan's German song (which she hates).

Brian sings bass with Levi in the chorus and Joel is my much needed page turner. At one point during the last song the VERY pregnant Mrs. Parker hits a high B flat - I don't know if she has her OB's permission to do that or not!

(Megan, Melanie, and Alison sing Three Little Maids from The Mikado at Sr. High Competition)

I am still having trouble believing that Levi agreed to a solo part in one of the songs. I was blown away at practice about a month ago when I heard him sing - he has an amazing voice! Levi used to sing all of the time when he was a toddler but as he got older he got more shy about singing.

One of our favorite memories is Levi playing with Batman and Two-Face in a toy Jeep when he was 4 or 5. He had asked us for a bad guy for Batman to fight, so we bought him Two-Face. The next day Batman and Two-Face seemed to be friends because they were riding in the Jeep together. We asked Levi what had happened. Levi said Batman witnessed to Two-Face and he got saved.

As Levi was pushing the Batman and Two-Face toting Jeep across the floor he was singing, "We're going to the mansion on the Happy Day Express. The letters on the engine spell J-E-S-U-S . . ." Thinking about that story makes me want to go kiss his now stubbly cheek right now!


Diane said...

What a sweet story! I wish they could all be little again, don't you?

Me said...

I sure do - time goes too quickly!