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Sunday, June 10, 2007


It is funny how the small things in life can make us happy. One night back when I was working in OB, I sat and made a list of the random things that make me happy - it's funny the things you think to do when you work a 12 hour night shift.

I haven't slept well the last two nights because of a bad toothache, so I have had a lot of extra time on my hands to think. While most of my thinking has revolved around, "Maybe I should go get that Vicodin prescription filled," and "I wonder just how much ibuprofen I can take before I get a GI bleed," I have thought about that list I made back in OB.

I know I kept that list, but it's probably filed away somewhere - maybe next to the kids' long lost Social Security cards (lol). Anyway, for what it's worth, I'm making a new list.

Things That Make Me Happy (List #2)
(in random order and by no means a complete listing of the things that make me happy)

my family - especially when everyone is home and no agenda
my bed
Walmart - when I want to be there
a clean house
walking through the house at night in the dark
lying on the trampoline
Scooby - and Sam too
a good book(especially if it's a little steamy - I probably shouldn't admit that!)
the sound of Brian pulling up the driveway
cleaning products (not using them necessarily - just buying them)
taking a hot bath
having my feet rubbed
Saturday mornings
candy bars in the checkout line
planning vacations
planning projects for the house - even if we never do them
watching Emergency Vets with Joel - watching him love it
the Food Network - Paula Deen
the beach
staying in a hotel - all of us
lying in bed listening to the ocean
talking with Megan
good food
ministering to my patients at work
watching Levi become more like his dad
a good pair of flipflops
new pajamas
sitting in bed doing my devotions while Brian is sitting in bed studying
taking pictures with my cell phone (well that used to make me happy - lol)
driving south on 37 at night and seeing the city lights
lying in the backyard with Brian and the kids watching for shooting stars
clocking out at work
being snowed in (as long as everyone is home and there is milk and something chocolate)
pulling up the driveway and seeing the house looking so cozy
laying my head on Brian's chest
just being a mom
clean sheets - knowing I just put clean sheets on everybody's bed
life right now
Not having a toothache!

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