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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Are you there?

I love cell phones! I have always said that Little House on the Prairie would have been much less dramatic if they would have had cell phones. When Pa was late coming home, Ma could have just called him and found out he was lost in the blizzard. Help could have been sent - Pa would be found and home in time for supper.

Now that both Megan and Levi are licensed drivers, I appreciate my cell phone even more. They know the routine "call me when you get there" and "call me when you are leaving."

Today, however, there was a glitch in our system. I was at work where my cell phone doesn't get reception because of the lead lined walls. The kids know when I am at work all of their checking in and out needs to be called to Brian.

Megan and Joel took Levi to work and should have been back home by 1:20pm. I called the house at 1:30pm. No answer.

I then called Brian and he told me he had given Megan permission to go to the library and Burger King. He said they should be home any minute.

I had a new patient in my room so when I got out it was 2:10pm. I called home. No answer. I called Megan's cell phone. No answer. I called Brian's cell phone. No answer. I called Brian's work number. No answer.

For me, nothing is worse than not knowing where my kids are. I remember once when Megan was around 11 or 12 we let her go to a friends house for the afternoon. I was 100% certain that I knew where this girl lived, but when we went to the house to pick Megan up it wasn't the right house. Panic set in. I didn't have this girl's phone number and now I didn't even know where she lived. I was literally sick when I realized that I had no idea where Megan was - I had lost her. Come to find out she was across and just down the road from where we had initially stopped, but it took us over an hour to find this out!

Today it ended up that Megan and Joel had gotten back home around 1:40pm. She had called Brian and told him they were home. She didn't hear her cell phone or the house phone when I called because Mother and Daddy had come over and they were standing outside talking to them. Our glitch in this case was Brian not answering his phone when I called because he was meeting with clients.

I am thankful for cell phones, but I am even more thankful for a heavenly Father who watches over my family day and night. He always knows where they are, and He answers when I call.

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