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Thursday, August 2, 2007


VBS at Cornerstone Church

We have three classes divided by age groups. Each class is a "country." Here is Japan.

Here is Africa. Okay - I know Africa is technically a continent. I think this is South Africa's flag.
Wait a minute, Brian just told me this was Mexico's flag - I didn't do so well in geography.

The banner over the door says "Entering the mission field."

VBS is going really well. We have prayed for weeks that the Lord would bring us the kids He wanted there - now we have to trust that He has done that.

I am really enjoying doing the missionary story each evening. Tonight's story was Choco Calls - I really think the kids are starting to put things together. I think they are seeing how the skit, the lesson, the missionary story, the closing message, and the songs all fit together and are all telling the salvation message.

Levi had to work tonight basically because he waited too long to try to find a replacement. I don't know for sure that even if he would have asked earlier if anyone would have covered for him, but waiting until an hour before his shift to try to find coverage didn't help matters!

He "threw" his last two swimmers out of the pool at 7:30 pm so he could close early and drove home to change clothes. He then made his first solo trip to church. It was probably a good thing I was telling the missionary story during his drive - I didn't have time to worry about him.

We ended up with three vehicles at church tonight - Brian came straight from work in the van; Megan, Joel, and I drove the Explorer, and Levi drove the Jeep. We sent Megan and Levi home in the Jeep shortly after VBS so they could get home before dark - the pictures are from their drive home - Megan has determined to photo document her entire life! Having kids who drive really makes me aware and very thankful for the protective hand of God.

Today is day 39 of this cycle. Brian and I have decided to wait until tomorrow to test.

We are both afraid to hope.

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