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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Life today

Brian and I both worked today, and today was one of those rare days that Megan and Levi worked back to back shifts at the pool. All of this combined meant Joel "worked" today too.

Work was crazy. We had both medical oncologists, the radiation oncologist, and the psychiatrist (I probably should have made an appt. - lol) seeing patients today. To top all of that off, our cancer center was being reviewed by the American Board of Oncology. I am not sure what it all means, but I guess we "passed" their inspection and will be receiving their "gold stamp" of approval. Sounds exciting, but I was really too busy today to appreciate the honor. lol

The kids spent 8 hours at the pool today. Because it was so hot, Megan and Levi took turns guarding and swimming - every hour they would switch. By the look of Joel's pruny fingers, I think he was in the water all 8 hours - and by the look of his nose, I think he missed it with the sunscreen.

The kids have spent a lot of time together this summer - I am glad they get along so well. Yesterday I had a doctor's appt. close to the mall, so I dropped the kids off at the mall to shop for school clothes. We had already braved the blaring music at Plato's Closet and were able to get Joel several shirts and one pair of pants, but he still needed at least two more pair of khakis and a couple polo shirts. I thought I had $40 to give Joel, but ended up only having $20.

I found out later when I joined the kids at Old Navy that Megan and Levi had each given Joel $20 of their own hard earned money for him to use for school clothes. Megan had also bought his lunch at Dairy Queen! They had a productive couple hours of shopping and it sounds like they had a pretty good time doing it too. The boys even helped Megan pick out clothes at Charlotte Russe!

Brian and I both ended up getting home from work today around the same time. He helped me put together "walking tacos" and we headed for the pool to meet the kids. The last two swimmers left as we were eating supper so we ended up having the pool to ourselves the last hour. I even swam! I think it was the first time I have been in the pool all year - my white skin shows it too!

Dishes, laundry, and dirty floors are on our list to tackle tomorrow. Tonight we're eating ice cream sandwich cake, watching tv, and enjoying being together - all of us.

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