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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Until he is home

I heard this quote before the kids were born and I have thought of it several times - I wish I could remember the whole thing.

A man from a large family was asked which child his mother loved the most. The man, quoting his mother, said this -

The one who is sick until he is well;
the one who is gone until he is home . . .

Brian says I equate love with worry. I suppose to some degree that is true. Joel spent the night with Wade last night. He is not here right now so I am thinking of him more and worrying about him more than the other two who are here.

I know he is safe and having a great time (they were planning on video taping each other dunking the basketball all night), and I know Wade's family is a good Christian family.
Still, I will feel better when he's home.

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