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Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Cleaning

I did some spring cleaning today. Since Emily is going to stay with us this week while her parents are in Ohio, I decided to dive in and clean upstairs.
I bought a new rug for the bathroom. I has multicolor stripes and it matches the bathroom really well. It's a little scary how much I like it. I gave instructions to everyone that before leaving the bathroom the rug needs to be draped over the side of the tub. Rugs are too much temptation for Scooby.
I moved Joel's bed into Megan's room for Emily. Then I moved the futon from Levi's room into Joel's room. Joel had been talking about a bigger bed anyway. The futon makes into a full bed. Surely with the foam mattress cover I bought today Joel will sleep comfortably and not feel the frame under him.
The kids seemed to have a good day at school. Megan said they sat at the senior table today since the seniors are on their class trip. Levi was telling about how he and A.J. broke their frog's jaw with a pencil and then made it open its mouth really wide - the whole story sounded a lot like Kate and me turning our fetal pig into a marionette puppet and hanging it out of the window right in front of the algebra class windows. I hope Mr. Nations is as easy going as Miss Whatever-her-name-was.
Joel said Mrs. Schneider apologized to the class for yelling at everybody on Friday - I think everybody's ready for the end of school.
We ate supper without Brian and then the kids went to the Y - Morgan and Amanda wanted to meet them there. Sounds like they had fun, they said they swam and sat in the hot tub. Joel got hives because the water was so hot. I don't know why hot water makes him get hives.
Megan talked to Nick (the 20 year old Nick). He asked for her phone number and said he wanted to come to our church on Sunday. I saw Brian sitting on her bed talking to her tonight. I hope he is laying down some ground rules and telling her to take things slow.
Rachelle called around 5pm tonight crying. She said she had started spotting and went to the doctor today. They did an ultrasound and found an empty egg sac. Based on what I know, it sounds like a blighted ovum. She was confused and had a lot of questions. I tried my best to offer comfort. I found myself telling her things that Brian was telling me a week ago. It seemed to make more sense this week. Brian stopped by their house on his way home and prayed with them.
Zach called Brian tonight about camp. He said they didn't have a camp nurse and that they needed a teacher for an afternoon class and Brian would be perfect for it. He said Megan and Levi could be CITs (counselors in training) and Joel would be camper. Camp is the week of July 16th - we just found out basketball camp is that week too. Decisions, decisions. I've never been to camp - I don't know if I would like it or not. The closest thing to camp I have done is Winter Retreat. We all know how that turned out:)
After rice pudding in the new sundae cups I bought, everyone has gone to bed. I heard Scooby growl at Joel which means he is tired and is settling into his spot on the bed.
I'm tired too and ready to be lulled to sleep by the sound of the washer washing the 9th load of clothes today.
It's been a good day.

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