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Sunday, May 27, 2007

That look

Scooby has that look on his face like he knows there is something going on - he's wise to us. We have spent 15 minutes packing for us and 2 days getting the house ready to survive "Scooby Unsupervised."

Joel made a tent for Scooby in his room - he even left a cat food trail to lure him in. We froze peanut butter and cat food in his two kongs - hopefully these will keep him busy for, let me think, maybe the first hour we are gone.

I covered the upstairs couch with a blanket, put out his pee rug (I know that's gross, but when a dog's got to go a dog's got to go), and pleaded with him to be good.

I admit I am a pushover when it comes to him. I'm a bad dog mom. Hopefully, I am better with my less furry kids.

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