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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Today

Me: Work - Clinic Day with Dr. D.
He was late, clinic ran behind, three new patients.
Lunch was great - so much for my conviction about eating lunch provided by drug reps.
Came home to dirty dishes and dog pee -
Talked to Megan (gist of conversation-it's him not her)
Looked over Levi's shoulder as he was on FaceBook.
Went through a bag of clothes for Joel - Hooray! Two pairs of jeans, two pairs of shorts, one dress shirt, two polos, and several t-shirts. Thank you Cody for being skinny too!

Megan: School.
Checked email and FaceBook.
Informed me that Justin's page said he was back with Lizzy.
Drove to work - called when she got there.
Taught swim class then worked out - I think she was hoping to see someone tonight. Did she say he was 20!

Levi: School - dissecting a frog this week. He said it is huge!
Checked email and FaceBook.
Teased Megan that he already knew Justin was back with Lizzy.
Rode to work with Megan - hopefully only made nice comments on her driving.
Taught swim class then guarded until 9pm.
Somehow managed to text during all of that.

Joel: School -
Played with Scooby outside.
Jumped on the trampoline.
Watched TV.
Played drums.
Jumped on the trampoline this time with ankle weights.
Started a blog about his interests: weird and unusual science facts, emergency vet stories, animal miracle stories, and Scooby pictures and stories. (Link)

Brian: Work - where I'm sure Randy drove him crazy.
Stopped at Menards to by lumber.
Came home to dirty dishes and dog pee -

Which is why I should probably not have a blog.

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