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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just a little off the top . . .

I can count on one hand the number of times I have liked a new haircut when I leave the salon. Today was no exception.

I went to a new salon with my hair fixed as I normally wear it - I did this on purpose so the beautician could see how I wear my hair. Despite my hair's recent history, I was actually having a good hair day.

I told the beautician that I would like to keep the same style but just shorten the layers and shorten the overall length by about 2 inches.

She cut it like I requested but then styled it totally different - maybe she was subtly trying to tell me something. Oh well, I came home and re-fixed it - now I like it.

Despite the whole styling thing, here is a list of positive things about the salon and my beautician -

1. She shampooed my head with really warm water - oooh so nice;
2. She didn't comment on how bad my hair tangles or how overdue I was for a haircut, nor did she suggest that I color my gray;
3. She didn't talk a lot - I find it hard to make conversation when I am worried about my hair;
4. She was really reasonably priced - $20 and that was after a nice tip (I was 10 minutes late and so I felt a little obligated to leave a nice tip);
5. She was fast - I appreciate that.

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