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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mood Rings

The day started out with such promise . . .

I was in a good mood - actually, downright great mood most of the day. Our morning went smoothly - everyone up early, lunches fixed, homework done, left on time . . .

Mood Ring, oh Mood Ring,

Work was crazy-busy but manageable. This was despite the fact that I was in clinic with Dr. D. today who showed up at 10:15 am which made us start seeing patients 1 1/2 hours late! This was especially bad because he was double-booked all day and had two new patients to see as well. . .

All of this should have been enough to sour my mood - but it didn't. . .

oh tell me will you bring the key
To unlock this mystery?

I got home from work around 5 pm and the kids and I were out the door by 5:20 pm on our way to the church where Megan was slated to practice with Adam and Karlee for the weekend fund raiser in Nashville. Brian met us at the church and with the boys we headed to Donato's for pizza. . .

Of girls and their emotions

Nice supper - pizza was good, enjoyable time talking with the boys about school and the upcoming basketball season. . .

Back to church to pick up Megan and head home in two vehicles - as is usual for us any more. . .

Play it back in slow motions
So I may understand

Somewhere between Donato's and home it seems my mood changed . . .

The complex infrastucture
known as the female mind.

Maybe it was . . .

realizing Brian's Friday plans weren't the same as my Friday plans;
riding with Levi on the way home;
finding two piles of dog poop in my room when I got home;
writing Mr. Y. a thank you note for the metronome he bought me (obviously because he thinks my piano accompanying needs help with keeping time);
explaining to Levi why I critiqued his driving on the way home;
deciding it probably would not be appropriate to make an issue of Mr. Y. saying Megan's costume top for the school play wasn't above reproach; or
remembering I forgot to buy cat food.

Let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
So we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
Cause we'll know just what they're thinking,
Just what they're thinking...

*lyrics by Reliant K

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