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Monday, October 15, 2007

Just the two of us

Us - still liking each other!

The youth group at church went to Tim and Angel's home town this past weekend. From the stories they told, it sounds like they had a great time.

They were able to visit an Amish farm and help with the day's chores, have cookouts every night, play ultimate frisbee, and go to Angel's church Sunday morning. The Lord blessed them with great weather and safety while they were traveling.

This trip meant that Brian and I had the weekend at home with no agenda. It was really nice to have nothing to do. Not that there weren't things that we could have done - but we chose this weekend not to do them.

Our weekend without kids at home -

- We fell asleep at 10pm on Friday night - not exactly the romantic evening we had planned - lol;
- We slept in, watched Batman, and ate a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel on Saturday morning and then bought the lumber for Megan's full wall bookshelf that is now one step closer to being done;
- We visited with Robby who stopped by Saturday afternoon to fix our ever eroding driveway;
- We ate at Steak and Shake for supper Saturday night and split a milkshake;
- We went to church on Sunday morning and then came home and took a quick nap before the kids got home; and
- We found out we still like to be together!

It was nice - thanks Tim and Angel.

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