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Friday, October 19, 2007

Cassie Role

One senior milestone over and done - this year is going to fly by!

Every year at Tabernacle the senior class puts on a play for the Eagle Club Banquet. It usually draws a crowd of about 500 people and serves as the school's biggest fund raiser. This year Megan's class put on a "who dun'it" type mystery dinner.

Megan (a/k/a Cassie Roll)
I fixed her hair for the play - I had plenty o f experience,
I wore my hair that way my entire sophomore year!!

Joel warming up his trumpet - The band and choir provided music for the evening.
Ensemble also made their first performance.

Emily and Megan

Megan played the part of Cassie Role - a rather flirtatious southern cook. The ending of the play was kept secret - even from me (I thought Megan told me everything - lol). It turned out that Megan's character, Cassie Role, was the "one who dun'it."

It was a fun evening - made even more special by the many friends and family who came to support the kids!

Our family and friends filled one whole table!!
Troy and Hope with Levi - posing for the camera

Megan with the flowers Troy got her -
it was a perfect evening!!

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