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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best Friends

A pup named Scooby Doo

Brian spent the last four days at home thanks to a abscessed wisdom tooth - ouch! Looking back, I don't know that he has ever been "confined" to the house for that long - at least not in recent history.

Pain, nausea, and dizziness aside I think it was good for Brian to be at home. This may have been God's way of slowing him down and giving him an opportunity to just "be home."

One thing that happened over the last four days is Brian and Scooby really bonded. I think Brian now understands what a good friend Scooby can be - that whole man's best friend thing.

Dogs are great because they -

like napping on the couch with you all afternoon;
don't mind if you wear the same pair of sleeping shorts for four days;
don't expect you to talk to them when you don't feel well - they just like sitting next to you;
will willingly clean up any crumbs you drop when eating on the couch; and
aren't bored with watching 6 continuous hours of Justice League episodes.

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