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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Days 3, 4, and 5 Week 2

Day 3 - No time to exercise before work - busy day at work then church. But being the good girl that I am, I came home and exercised before bed!

Day 4 - Up at 4:30 am to travel with Joel and the rest of the Bible Quiz Team 4 hours away to their Fine Arts Competition. Great day! The drive was nice, the company and conversation was great, and the competition went better than expected. Although our quiz team did not place, they made it farther than we had expected!

I was the designated chaperon for the group. Six kids, including Joel, were left with me at the hotel that afternoon. Thankfully, they are all great kids and I could trust them to be good while I retired to my room.

Again, being the good girl that I am, I brought my portable DVD player and Slim in Six DVD. It wasn't pretty, but Day 4 got done.

Brian, Megan, and Levi drove up to the hotel and got there around 10:00 pm - just in time to turn in for the night.

Day 5 - I did not manage to fit exercising in on Friday. But surely the amount of walking I did in chunky heels counts as exercise!

It was a great day of competition! I am so proud of Joel - he was involved in a lot and performed very well!

I am especially proud of him for competing in the string solo. He played Canon in D on the guitar. And while he was maybe a little under prepared and a little over nervous, he did a fine job. This will be one competition under his belt and it definitely prepared him for next year.

In addition to the string solo, Joel competed in a small vocal ensemble, large vocal ensemble, choir, choral group, and large instrumental ensemble. He also took two art projects - print making and color photography.

All performances went well, and our large instrumental ensemble gets to make the trip to National Competition at Bob Jones University! I wish I could say they get to go because they placed first, but they placed second to a school that chooses not to go to Nationals.

But now our instrumental ensemble has three weeks to work hard and become first place worthy!

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