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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 4

Well I managed to get in another day of exercising. But if I am going to lose ten pounds in six days it is going to have to all fall off in the next two days!

Here's hoping!

My plan so far has been to exercise first thing every morning before I can talk myself out of it. A little bit like how I used to eat lima beans when I was little - eat them first and get them over with!

There is a slight chance of severe weather today. Yippee! I love storms - not tornadoes - just storms.

I think my love of storms and weather, in general, stems from being a farmer's daughter. When I was at home, it was my job to watch the weather and report it to Daddy. Not that Daddy didn't end up watching it himself - but farmer's tend to obsess over the weather. Farmer's daughters tend to obsess over the weather.

This is a habit that I have found impossible to break.

When Brian and I were first married, I would proudly announce the five-day forcast to him when he came home from work. To which he would usually sarcastically answer, "I was wondering if I would be able to get in the field today," or "Daggone it, I just cut hay!" Smarty pants.

I remember the first bad storm that came through when we were newlyweds. Before Brian got home from work I hurried around and filled every pitcher, bowl, and basin we owned with water. I filled the tub with water and had a bucket of water sitting beside the toilet.

I could hardly wait for Brian to walk in the door so I could show him what a good, industrious, and capable wife I was. When he finally got home, I proudly showed off my 100 gallon collection of fresh water. His puzzled look prompted my explanation of wanting to be prepared for when the power went out because of the storm.

After he stopped laughing, he proceeded to explain to me that we lived in town now (albeit a small town) and had city water - not well water. There was no need to hoard water because we didn't have to worry about the electricity to the pump being off.

Talk about feeling silly. But being the good husband that he was (and still is) he commended my preparedness and thanked me for the water because he was feeling a little thirsty anyway.

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