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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day 3

Another day of exercising. I can't say I am enjoying it - but I am glad I did it when I am done!

I didn't weigh today but I have my attorney on speed dial!

Yesterday was SOOO beautiful!

I rushed home from seeing the doctor and getting Joel and washed three loads of clothes and hung them all out. I LOVE to hang clothes out on the line.

not my clothes line -
my was FULL of FedEx sweatshirts and T-shirts

I know, that is weird. But this is something that I always have loved. I think it is because I used to help mother hang out clothes when I was little. Sometimes after she had spent all day helping Daddy in the field, she would come home and do laundry and we would hang out clothes in the dark!

I thought hanging clothes out in the dark was just too cool - staying up past my bedtime and being outside in the dark to boot!

When we lived in Morgantown I had the BEST clothesline. Brian built it for me out of landscaping timbers and it was PERFECT!

I remember hanging clothes out there about this time of the year hoping I would go into labor with Joel. It didn't work.

Now I use Scooby's trot line as a make-shift clothes line. My dream is to have an umbrella type clothesline.

Some girls dream of diamonds - I dream of circular clotheslines.

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Brian B said...

That is why I love you!