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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 2

I exercised this morning BEFORE work even though I still feel like
. . . well let's just say I still feel REALLY bad.

It was MUCH harder today. But I am determined to keep with it.

Just a note - I have not lost one pound yet. Ten pounds in six days was the claim. I may have to consult my attorney!

I did finally go to the doctor where I got an antibiotic and a lecture on diabetes because I am a little (well maybe more than a little) past due for my A1C blood test. And the doctor wants to know why I wait so long to come see them. Ha!

I am formulating a post on what is wrong with health care today - from a nurse and patient perspective.

Believe me - a lot is wrong.

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Brian B said...

That will be a long post.