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Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a little bragging . . . .

Sarah, Andrew, Kathryn
Mary, Lauren

I have to brag on my sister's kids a little. They went to their fine arts competition in Kentucky last night and cleaned house!

My 10 year old violin prodigy of a niece, Kathryn, won elementary string solo and was picked "best of show" and performed in the closing program - which was streamed live on the internet! Joel and I huddled around the computer at home, Megan watched on Adam's lap top at Adam's apartment, and Grandma and Grandpa watched from their house. How cool is that!

She had nerves of steel as she played her VERY impressive piece while her older sister, Lauren, accompanied her on the piano. I was busting with pride! Not that I have anything to do with their talent. LOL

Kathryn - Elementary string solo - 1st, Elementary Large Vocal Ensemble - 1st
Sarah - Jr. High pencil drawing - 1st, Jr. High sacred piano duet - 1st, Sr. High large vocal ensemble - 1st
Lauren - Sr. High small instrumental ensemble - 1st, Sr. High sacred piano solo - 3rd, Sr. High Large vocal ensemble (she was the accompanist) 1st

Way to go girls!


A City Girl said...

That's wonderful! Our nieces are so wonderful! lol :) Can't wait to congratulate them in person and hear Kathryn's cute little voice in describing the night. I'm sure my girls will be good at something someday, like falling down or tripping over something. Actually Gracie can do a pretty awesome forward roll! :)

Me said...

That is funny! Who knows your girls may be the MOST talented of any in the family!

Mrs. Henry said...

Awww . . . that was nice of you to mention the girls.