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Saturday, November 10, 2007

He shoots . . . He scores!

It has officially started - another basketball season!

As with every year, the season was kicked off with a JH v. JV scrimmage followed by a Varsity v. Alumni game.

Joel played on JH and during the last quarter switched jerseys and played for the JV, which allowed him to end the game on the winning team - lol!

Joel (#15) started the game playing in a dark jersey on the JH team.

Here's Joel making his quick change into a JV jersey.

The varsity lost to the alumni (which included three of last year's starters - plus several other recent graduates - it was hardly a team of "old" alumni) but not by a large margin. I think the coaches were pretty pleased at how the team played.

Levi (#43) - in the Season Prospectus the coach said Levi
was a real banger and was expecting a lot out of him underneath this year.

Megan and Emily - the cheerleaders had the night off. They officially start cheering on Tuesday!

So once again we start our season of driving to games and sitting on hard bleachers for hours at a time. It makes life hectic - but exciting!

Basketball Mom

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You sure are a cute basketball Mom!