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Monday, November 12, 2007

Feverish ramblings

Had I made a recent trip to an Asian country, I would swear that I am suffering from a case of the bird flu. Considering I haven't been out of state since September, much less out of the country, I must just have good old influenza. You know the one -

I had a little bird,
her name was Enza -
I opened up the window,
and in flew Enza.

Fortunately, I think I am on the tail end of it. Now, if I can just keep the rest of the family from getting it.

We have disinfected all door knobs, light switches, bathrooms, the computer keyboard, phones (I even scrubbed everyone's cell phone with a Clorox wipe - probably voiding any manufacturer's warranty) . . . anything and everything we can think of that might be a possible mode of transmission. Brian and the kids aren't even balking at my insistence that they drink a cup of Airborne every morning. I really think that stuff works - and it must not taste that bad because Megan can drink it without puking.

If I had to grade my energy level today I think it would get about a C+ which fortunately is a huge improvement over yesterday's solid F. Given the improvement of two letter grades, I had determined that today I wasn't going to let this flu get the best of me. I was going to get up and do my usual Monday routine: menu planning, grocery list making, laundry, house cleaning . . . Well at least I had a plan.

I did manage to make a small batch of cookies this morning using a box of Jiffy Oatmeal muffin mix (recipe is on the back of the box). Turns out that Scooby really likes them - almost as much as he likes Twizzlers.

I have watched more television in the last 48+ hours than I can stand. Because it is Veteran's Day, most of the movies are war movies. I saw the last half of Saving Private Ryan - they truly were America's greatest generation. As if my eyes weren't already itchy and red, they certainly were after the movie.

After watching countless shows on the Food Network, I now know 32 different ways to prepare a turkey. I also learned how to make stuffing using acorns, dried leaves, and other things you can find in your yard.

Anyone interested in coming over for Thanksgiving dinner?

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Diane said...

Mother is cooking on Friday, right? :-)