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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Brian and I rely on e-mail to stay connected. If it weren't for e-mail it would be impossible to stay up on all the little things in life - little things but crucial things in making our family tick.

This is my e-mail to Brian this morning.

Brian -

The kids all seem fine health wise this morning - fine except the fact that they were all running late.

Joel needs a pair of dress shoes. He had planned on wearing your brown pair - but you wore them.

I didn't realize that your black wingtips are in such bad shape. Joel thought about wearing those but didn't think they would survive a day at school.

The black pair we got Joel last year are a size 9 1/2 and he wears a 13 now. He ended up wearing Levi's black shoes because Levi went with his more "casual" look today - khakis, checkered shoes, shirt and tie.

They didn't leave until 8:04 which will probably put them there one minute before the bell rings. I have a feeling all will be getting tardies this morning. I just hope it is their first for the 9 weeks.

Megan was crabby and complaining that her cheer leading uniform made her look fat and that her hair wouldn't do any thing. I told her not to ruin her last day of being 17 with a bad attitude. I made her love on Scooby and that seemed to help her.

They drove the Explorer because Megan wants to come home after school to finish getting ready for the game. Levi doesn't want to come home before the game because it makes him lazy. Joel can't come home because he has to be back at the school by 3:30. I told Levi to walk to McDonald's with Joel - he said he would.

They just called - pulled into the parking lot at 8:13. It will be a miracle if they can get to class by 8:15. This was so totally my life in high school - the bell always rang as I was running into the school.

I hope you have a good day. See you at the game.

Love Me

and Brian's response to me -

Wow that is a lot.

Megan worries too much but I am glad Scooby can help.

I can't believe this is her last day to be 17.
Where did it go? Megan said it even seemed
fast to her.

My brown shoes were by the side of the bed
but they are not 13s.

Love you very busy this morning

Miss you


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