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Thursday, November 8, 2007


There's nothing like sickness to humble us and put us in our place.

I started feeling bad last night after church - scratchy throat, earache, stuffy nose . . .
By midnight last night I was having it all -

chills, and

However duty calls and I went to work today where instead of being in clinic, I helped in the chemo bay. It was very hectic - but a nice change of pace, and it gave me an opportunity to use my hard earned IV skills.

But not being in clinic thwarted my plan to have Dr. S. look at my ears and throat. I ended up having another doctor I don't know so well give my ears and throat a looksy - he said it didn't look "that bad" and I should just "keep an eye on it." Translation - "No antibiotic for you!" Big help he was.

Oh well, I got off work at 3pm and came straight home. Going with the whole "feed a fever/starve a cold" or is it "feed a cold/starve a fever?" Anyway, I -

downed three ibuprofen, a cup of beef broth, and a diet coke;
put on my pink, terry cloth housecoat;
snuggled on the couch with Scooby; and
watched Oprah.

Brian - loving husband that he is - brought home Megan and Joel from practice, Papa John's pizza, and cinnamon rolls!! I love him.

My plan is to go back downstairs and run Scooby off the couch, claim it as mine for evening, and sleep through everybody else watching the Justice League.

Yeah! There is no school tomorrow thanks to parent/teacher conferences, so we all get to sleep in!! Maybe my cozy bed will be all the medicine I need.

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Brian said...

Get better soon!!!!!!

I love you.