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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Quick! Someone Call 911!

What I wouldn't give for a time machine!

I would go back to 1995 and stay there forever!!


Angel said...

I would also go back to 1995. That was a great year! I was young, only married 2 years, traveled to Israel, started grad school, and was still OK with BIG hair! Love your posts and looking at your little ones!

Me said...

Thanks Angel:) I too wonder if my desire to go back is purely because of the kids or if it does having something to do with youth and big hair. lol

Emmalea said...

Not so sure I would choose to go back to '95 for the cracked chest and 4 by-passes - but definitely would to keep the grandstinkers that age a little longer. It was that year I love to remember Levi's questions after my open-heart surgery, which were several, all adorable and then...."Nana, did they find Jesus in there?" - priceless!