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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dirty Little Secrets

To follow suit with Megan, Bree and Angel.

1. I can stack all of the dishes I own in my dish strainer at the same time. I do it frequently.
2. I used to hide dirty dishes in the oven until they caught fire one day.
3. I have a humiliating public bathroom story that could rival our dear friend R.B.'s - the details of which will go to the grave with me.
4. I am reformed from texting while driving.
5. At any given time there is some form of pet excrement on the floor in my house.
6. I don't ever park in the nurses' parking lot. I park in the closer patient parking lot. Sometimes when it is cold and the nurse with MS walks in from the nurses' lot, I feel bad. (Disclaimer: I am not lazy it is just that I am always running late.)
7. I am addicted to hairspray. There is a can in the bathroom at work. I use it every time I go to the bathroom. The can is not mine.
8. I lie about my weight. Before getting my epidural with Joel, the doctor asked me how much I weighed. I said, "1XX pounds." Brian said, "Are you really willing to risk dying?" I said, "Can I get back with you on that?" The doctor then said, "I will go check her chart."
9. I love the Weather Channel. I find it soothing and comforting.
10. I run bath water when I am worried. I don't take a bath then
. . . I just run the water.


Angel said...

I love it! I say we keep this going and add secrets as we think of them! By next year, we should be "secret free"

Adam said...

That was such a great list! I'm about to rival your dish-stacking ability though because ALL of my dishes are dirty! Ugh... Love you.