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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flying Then and Now

Joel is getting ready to fly out to New Hampshire to see his beloved Amanda.

Ah, spring is near and love is in the air!

Speaking of in the air, I love to fly! Brian and I flew to Florida on our honeymoon - my goodness, a lot has changed since then!

Brian liked to wear his shorts really short back in 1987!

Pre-9/11 families could wait at the terminal
with you to see you off!
My brother, Danny, who was little enough
to sit on my mom's lap is 30 now!
When I sit on Brian's lap now he closes his eyes
because of the pain and not because my hair is in his eyes!

See the sweet look on my mom' s face?
She is is thinking, "Oh, look my little girl is all grown up
and married now."
Now I am the one with that look on my face!
*NOTE: Just a little side note here, but what I wouldn't give
to have those arms back! I would NEVER wear long
sleeves again!

Ah, to be young and innocent again
with two paid tickets to Florida!


Angel said...

Gotta love a time period when guys shorts were longer than your own!! And, they were the ones being sent home from school because of the length (jk!!)

Brian B said...

I wish I still had those shorts.

Emmalea said...

And we wish the plane tickets were still that price. We would have sent Megan and Adam off with those. I remember we were so thrilled that we could send you to Orlando round trip for $99 per ticket! It takes almost that much for gas to drive to the airport now! LOL.

You both had such great legs, who could blame you for showing them off? I remember Elaine working hard in training for track to get those gams.

Time flies!

Angel said...

For some reason, I had a sneaking suspicion that you would still wear those shorts! Elaine. . .please monitor his closet closely!!!!!!