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Saturday, February 5, 2011


Saturday, February 5, 2011

9:35 am: Levi leaves for work.

9:40 am: Brian prays over our breakfast:"Lord, thank you for this food. Protect Levi as he is on his way to work. Be with Megan and Adam today. Be with Elaine and Joel and me as we are at home."

9:40 am: Unbeknownst to us, Levi is spinning out of control less than 3 miles from home.

9:42 am: Levi walks away unharmed from this -

9:44 am: my phone rings

Me: Hello.
Levi: Mom, I need to talk to Dad.
Dad: Hello.
Levi: I am really sorry Dad, but I just flipped the Jeep.

So very grateful for God's very obvious hand of protection.


A City Girl said...

oh it makes me cry just reading this. How sweet is he to immediately say how sorry he is! So thankful he is ok!!! It has been so bad out lately, I think we are all officially over all this ice and snow.

On a lighter note I kind of think Levi is like the guy in Unbreakable, since he was untouched. Maybe he really is a superhero!

Angel said...

We are thankful too! Prais God!