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Sunday, March 6, 2011

We are the Champions!

Joel and the TCM Eagles ended the 2010-2011
as IACS State Champions!
(watch highlight video here)

I thought about writing a poem, maybe a haiku, about basketball
. . . something to reflect the emotions and ups and downs of the season. But instead I will just summarize in bullet form and end this post with an ode:

  • Season started with a lot of pressure. This was THE team . . . the team they had been preening and nurturing since junior high.
  • Joel was the 5th starter. . . the only junior among the 4 starting seniors.
  • First big game . . . Joel sprains in ankle in the FIRST quarter. The rest of the season is filled with a lot of tape, ice and ibuprofen.
  • The first week of December was spent in sunny Florida at the PCC basketball tournament. The boys played well and had some fun on the beach. Brian and I enjoyed the time on the beach too!
  • Christmas break was spent at a not-nearly-as-fun tournament in Richmond where the team faced the stiffest competition of the season. They got their hat handed to them on occasion but out of the pressure emerged the stronger, more confident player in Joel. Coach said if he were giving out a tournament MVP award it would go to Joel!
  • January came and so did Megan's wedding. Joel missed a pretty big game which conflicted with the wedding . . . but I don't think he minded that much. He liked his tux and loves his sister!
  • Joel battled the coaches and proved to them and himself that he was a determined ball player. I am confident that the steps he took to establish himself as a player will benefit him on and off the court for years to come.
  • January also brought with it the full-blown flu. Although he only missed one game due to it, he practiced for a week and played one game while running a 101 degree fever. I guess it is true that that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
  • February brought changes to the team and the starting five which consisted of four seniors and Joel changed to three seniors, one sophomore and Joel.
  • February also brought a lot of snow which meant a week off of school, missed practices and cancelled games.
  • Later February brought make-up practices and make-up games. On one such make-up game Joel was leading scorer with 20 points and had an awesome highlight reel worthy put back!
  • Late February, more changes to the starting line-up . . . now two seniors, two sophomores and Joel.
  • March Madness finally came and with it the state finals. Shock and Awe was their intent . . . the team resolved to play their hardest . . . full-tilt until the end. And shock and awe they did! Joel, unfortunately, fouled out early in the second game but made up for that in the final game with several big blocks, powerful defense, and some needed buckets. Friends and family there cheering him on, TCM history was made!
Ode to Basketball

I know what plays are Spartan, Michigan State and L from all of my basketball watching.
My bottom is flat from all of the bleacher sitting, and
my belly is flabby from all of the McDonald's eating.
My throat is sore from all of the cheering, and
our bank account is empty from all of the spending.
Our tires are worn out from all of the driving, but
my Tuesdays and Fridays will now be empty.
I will now have no excuse not to go to Zumba.

I love Hoosier basketball especially when my boys play;
I would do it all again in a heartbeat . . .
I guess I will next season!


Angel said...

Yes, there is nothing like Hoosier basketball! I felt like I was back in southern Indiana, where they really appreciate the sport!

Also, can't wait to have you join in Zumba!

Mrs. Henry said...

Tell Joel congratulations!

The Henrys

Emmalea said...

Great rundown Elaine. Add Sports Writer to your many talents. Since we weren't there for that final game (and several others) - your descriptive words are appreciated greatly.

Oh, and there is somewhat a successful survivor rate to what I call "Bleacher Bums" - albeit there may be a permanent dimple.

And where is there a beginner Zumba class and to they have oxygen available?

Me said...

Thanks Nana! Joel appreciates your and Papaw's support this season! There is a Zumba class at Hoosier Harvest . . . too close to pass up for me:) Not sure about O2 but probably a good idea!