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Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp Pictures

Camp - where do I even begin? It was a great week! There is so much that I want to write about.

Fortunately, being camp nurse mostly involved treating bug bites, bee stings, and scraped knees. I did, however, send one girl to the hospital for x-rays (she was okay), had one boy with a case of jungle foot (yuck!), and had one girl with a pretty serious burn that I treated all week.

I was able to really connect with a few of my "frequent flyers" to the nurse's station. Most of these kids just needed attention and love more than bandaids and Bactine - I used Bactine for everything!

Renewed at camp and onfire for the Lord, we are now knee-deep in VBS preparations! So for now I will just post some camp pictures.

Me in my "home" for the week - the nurse's station. My bedroom was through the door on the right. I had lush accomodations compared to everyone else - I even had my own bathroom!

Me and some campers. Please pray for the girl sitting
right in front of me. She lost her mom in October to cancer. I really feel the Lord had me at camp last week to minister to her! We have been emailing already!

Okay - I know this is a horrible picture of me, but I had to add it.
This girl held the record for the most injuries for the week. She got burned really bad by someones hair straightener early in the week - but it didn't slow her down!

Me and more campers. The girl in the blue shirt
in the front was awesome. The burden she had for her friends to be saved was an example to us all.

There's so much more about camp that I want to write about! Hopefully more posts will come after VBS.

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