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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mi Casa, Su Casa

Camp is right around the corner - I have so much to do to get ready.

The laundry is almost done, but I still need to wash every one's sheets and do the final load of towels.

The refrigerator needs cleaned out and the floors need mopped. The litter box has been changed and hopefully the cats will not have any major "problems" between now and Saturday that will necessitate it being changed again.

Jordan (a/k/a Scooby's babysitter) came over tonight for supper and to meet Scooby. I think they will get along fine even though Jordan said he wasn't necessarily a snuggler. (Scooby likes to snuggle at night, but I think he might not get much snuggling this next week - lol.)

When we started preparing to have Jordan stay in our house, it's funny how many things in our house we found needed a little explanation - little things that you just get used to and live with.

We have three tv's - only one has a working remote.
There are birds living in the chimney - you can hear them flutter around especially at night.
You can't sit on the middle cushion on either couch - that's where Scooby sits.
The cats need the stool pushed up to the counter in order to get to their cat food - they're too fat to make the jump from the floor.
The kitchen pantry is located in the closet in the bathroom next to the kitchen - strange but necessary.
The basement door has to be locked - it doesn't latch well and unlocked it might blow open.
The air compressor in the garage has a slow leak in the hose and every few days (usually in the middle of the night) it will kick on.
The hot water is REALLY hot!
Hershey hisses alot and tends to be hateful.
Misty has emotional issues and will probably stay under Megan's bed.
The ice/water dispenser on the refrigerator hasn't worked for 10+ years.

I'm sure all houses have their idiosyncrasies - some more than others. I guess those are some of the things that make your house your home.

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