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Friday, July 13, 2007

Camp Nurse

This next week at camp I will be the camp nurse. Seems logical considering I am a nurse - but I am starting to have a few worries.

After working in OB for 5 years, I still find that my first reaction in an emergency situation is to instruct the "patient" in pursed-lip breathing and proper pushing techniques. This is not always the most helpful advice.

Now, since working in oncology for for the past 2 years, I tend to over diagnose. Stomachache - pancreatic tumor. Headache - brain mets. Cough - you guessed it, lung cancer or maybe lymphoma. (Not every oncology nurse is like this - just us neurotic ones.) This "skill," unfortunately, will not be helpful at camp either.

Essentially it will probably be a week of being more mom than nurse. Here's hoping I can handle bug bites, sprained ankles, sunburn, poison ivy, and home sickness.

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