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Friday, January 14, 2011

What's that smell? Wedding Story #1

As it turned out, the week of the wedding I worked more hours in the clinic than I normally work. Murphy's Law I guess. With all the busyness of last minute preparations and Joel on Christmas break, our vehicle situation was strained to say the least.

Wednesday found me at work vehicle-less, penny-less and lunch-less . . . which, unfortunately, is an all too common occurrence for me. But after hearing Megan had returned from the city and was in town, I quickly requested a double cheeseburger (one of many weaknesses I have) be smuggled into work for me.

When she brought it in, I was with a patient but I could hear her sweet Minnie Mouse voice in the nurse's station. I was glad the other nurses at work got to see her and talk with her before her big day because they think she is the cat's meow!

Later that afternoon when Megan picked me up from work, I noticed a very distinct smell in the Jeep. Assuming that it was left-over McDonald's causing the smell, I asked if she had eaten in the car. She replied that she had. Although this smell wasn't typical for McDonald's, I let the matter go.

When the two of us walked in the house, I noticed that Megan had a nice glow about her. Knowing that she had gone to the tanning bed a couple of times recently, I mentioned that she was really starting to look tan. She smiled politely and thanked me for the compliment.

When she took her coat off and hung it up, I again caught a whiff of the smell I had noticed in the Jeep. No, definitely not McDonalds. This was a pungent, earthy smell.

I walked over and grabbed her coat and put it to my nose . . . I then walked over to her and put her to my nose. "It is you!" I said. "What is wrong with you and why do you smell like compost!"

"I got a spray tan today. Doesn't it look good?" she replied. "Don't worry, Mom, I know you don't like chemicals. I went to a place that's all natural. The spray is made from a mixture of beet juice and walnuts!"

All I could think of was that in less than 48 hours my daughter who had just been sprayed with two of the most stain-producing items on the planet was going to squeeze herself into an ALL WHITE dress, have hundreds of pictures taken of her, and stand before over 200 of our closest friends and family . . .

and she smelled like the bottom of the potato bin!

Why should I worry?!?

I know the wedding is all about the bride and not about the mother-of-the-bride, but at this point in the game my nerves are about shot. We had weathered bridesmaid dresses not fitting, hairstyles not working . . .

"Are you just trying to add stress to our lives, Megan!" was my response. But considering she had already been sprayed, there was not much else to say.

We went about our evening getting ready for church. I noticed, however, that each time we passed in the house, she looked a little different.

She smelled the same, unfortunately, but looked different. She was darker . . . with each passing minute she was getting darker!

After trying to explain that the spray tan consists of a color coat followed by a clear coat that wears off over a few hours revealing the color coat that darkens over time . . . It became clear to me -

We have no idea what color Megan will be for the wedding!

My immediate suggestion was that she shower repeatedly - with her Dad's Lava soap. Megan reassured me that by picking a spray made of beets and walnuts rather than carrots and pumpkin she would have a more bronze look and would NOT end up looking orange.

I guess the trade-off was she could have smelled like pie instead of compost.

All in all, the spray tan worked well. It did not rub off on her dress. She did not end up looking orange, and the smell went away the next day.

Maybe I will get one.


Miss "M" said...

Oh, Mom! This made me laugh out loud!!!! So, when are you going to get your's? :)

Love you,

Emmalea said...

Who knew!? I was up close and personal and although as Nana, I have always sniffed my grandchildren with each hug- the wedding day was not going to be any different -- I did not detect anything odd - just the most wonderful scent of a baby girl slipping into adulthood. She smelled GREAT!

I think I'm glad I didn't know this story ahead of time! made me laugh out loud too!
Elaine, if you look all creamy tan soon, like Megan did, I may come a sniffin' to check you out!