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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Me and My Boys

Levi - Me - Joel

A candid shot of the boys and me at the reception.

The boys were a HUGE help getting ready for the wedding and reception. Having gone to school at TCM and having helped with numerous school programs, plays, events . . . they know the school/church like the back of their hand.

The boys did everything from setting up the scaffolding, hanging the ornaments from the gym ceiling, setting up the tables and chairs (after first finding all of the chairs), hanging lights, finding all of the plug-ins . . .

Their help was essential.

While Joel did the bigger more visible things, Levi was meticulously working behind the scenes with all of the unseen things - like taping all of the extension cords to the floor and being sure all of Megan's things got put in Adam's car. The jobs they chose to do were so typical of their personalities.

Both worked tirelessly and without complaint - all out of love for their sister.

I love my handsome boys, the love they have for Megan, and their servant's heart.

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