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Friday, July 2, 2010

A long post about a long weekend

I love summer! The only problem is that summers go waaaaaay to quickly.

I can't believe it is already July!

Here's how our long weekend is shaping up so far.

Tonight. Friday, July 2nd - Joel drove himself to his first real high school party tonight! Hopefuly he is having a good time AND behaving himself. Brian and I are hanging out at home. We are thinking about making a camp fire, roasting some marshmallows, and laying out under the stars. Levi, Hope, Megan, and Adam are discussing the prospects of seeing fire works tonight.

Saturday, July 3rd - Most likely will be spent with last minute preparation for tomorrow's VBS.

Sunday, July 4th - Rockets, Bubbles, and the Bible. This is our traveling VBS! Sunday nights we are taking it to the parks in some of the nearby towns. Afterward we will watch fire works!

Monday, July 5th - We are going to Ikea! What is even better - we are going to Ikea as a family.

Really - all five of us are going!

We, the kids and I, have decided to re-do Brian's office/Batman room for his Father's Day/birthday present.

Our goal: the most awesome Batman room ever!!!
We are going to buy THREE of these Detolf glass door cabinets at Ikea. These will house Brian's ever-growing Batman collection and keep his many Batmans and Robins from accumulating layers of dust and Scooby hair as they currently do.

*Insert funny story here: Monday night Brian's Jeep broke down in the Walgreens parking lot. Levi stopped by on his way home from school to help. The two of them went to Auto Zone where they bought a new battery. After putting the new battery on, they went into the Auto Zone bathroom to wash their hands. It was there that they discovered they were quite the Dynamic Duo. Brian was wearing a Batman shirt (as usual) and Levi had on his Robin shirt! I wonder if the guy at Auto Zone noticed? lol

Anyway, back to the Batman room make-over.

The room will get a fresh coat of Batman blue paint and once his many Batmans and Robins are in their proper place, hopefully there will be more room for his office stuff.

Don't tell Scooby, but I think his chair is getting thrown out. It really stinks.

Actually, I don't know if I have the heart to do that. Maybe I will try to Fabreeze it one more time.

When we get back from Ikea we are having our annual 9 Fingers Fire Works Show at Brian's parents. Brian, his nephew, Blake, and Joel put this annual event on for us and are quite the showmen.

Tuesday, July 6th - Brian's 45th Birthday! Now would be an appropriate place to make jokes about him being old, but I am having a hard time finding any humor about getting older.

We have all taken the day off work to celebrate with Brian. No real plans yet. My guess is we will be washing his Batman collection and helping assemble his new cabinets!

Brian on his 23rd birthday - one month before our 1st anniversary.

I know it is cliche - but my how time flies!

Speaking of old pictures. This is me on our honeymoon.
I was 18.
I think the me of then looks a lot like the Megan of now.

Happy 4th of July!


Angel said...

First of all, now Tim and I are talking about going to IKEA on Monday!! Secondly, on the pic of Brian, the decor on the wall behind his head makes his hair look bigger. Finally, EIGHTEEN!! Wow! It's just hard to think about! But, I was only 20! Yikes! Happy 4th!

Mrs. Henry said...

"I think the me of then looks a lot like the Megan of now."

Well, she looks like you except for the eighties hair. My kids can't stand they way we used to wear our hair.