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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Megan and Adam were given some dishes by Adam's aunt. She picked them up at the local Good Will for a pretty good price.

When Megan saw them, she thought immediately that they looked like Fiestaware but didn't think they could really be Fiestaware.

Despite the stamp, they don't match ANY color Fiestaware I have seen online. Not even any of the Homer Laughlin Riviera or Harlequin pottery.

I am totally baffled.

Are they really rare, super-collectible or are they fake?

Any ideas?


A City Girl said...

Have you checked out this on Wiki?

They list a lot of different colors. Is this Turf green?

Me said...

I should have just consulted with you, Bree, because you are exactly right!
I emailed an expert and she got back with me today and they really are Fiestaware - turf green!!!
I am really excited for Megan!
Thanks for your thoughts!!