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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Last week all three kids counseled at church camp - leaving Brian and I home alone. Well, besides Scooby and the cats.

We enjoyed our week immensely. It was perfect.

We knew the kids were together, safe, and having fun - which left us to just really enjoy spending time with each other.

We went down Thursday night to see the kids at camp and then headed to Carl and Peggy's cabin. Between the pouring rain, darkness, and traveling on unfamiliar roads - the trip to the cabin itself was an adventure!

It was great the next day to head out without a real plan or anyplace we had to be. We ended up in West Baden/French Lick area where we perused some antique shops and spent some time in the West Baden Springs Hotel!

West Baden Springs Hotel is anything but ordinary—
it is an extraordinary experience.
You will be captivated once you step foot inside this
National Historic Landmark (NHL) built in 1902.
With its one-of-a-kind domed atrium spanning 200 feet, it has been called the "Eighth Wonder of the World."
Rooms rise in six tiers around the dome, and balcony rooms provide a panoramic view of the atrium.

I definitely want to go back and STAY in that hotel! Brian said maybe around Valentine's Day we could say there.


After supper at Red Lobster (thanks Tim and Linda!), we headed home with enough time to lie in bed and watch a movie!

It was a wonderful, romantic, peaceful, stress-less, relaxing two-day getaway!

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Brian B said...

I loved it.

I call do overs!