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Monday, July 20, 2009

40 years ago!

40 years ago today -
Apollo 11 landed on the moon
and I was due to be born!


Angel said...

So, does this mean today is your birthday???

Me said...

No - I was stubborn and two weeks late! But my mom kept the newspaper from July 20, 1969, reporting the lunar landing since it was my due date.

Angel said...

That is really funny!

Brian B said...

She is still stubborn!

Brian Ashmore said...

Happy belated birthday, Elaine!!

It sounds like you've had an "exciting" week of birthday weather. That stinks.

Welcome to the Forties (just think, you are REALLY young as far as "people in their 40s" goes)... I'm sure you'll be issued your secret "40s Club" password and handshake soon.

Hope you had a good one!