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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

What Will We Give Him?

Shopping, wrapping, baking . . .
more shopping, more wrapping, more baking . . .

It dawned on me this morning that although I say Merry Christmas, have Merry Christmas on my Christmas cards, and I wish people Merry Christmas - I too have been taking Christ out of Christmas.

Too busy shopping, wrapping, and baking
to meditate on His Word.
Too busy thinking over my grocery lists, gift lists, and menus
to worship Him.

Then while I was baking cookies, I found myself humming a song that the kids' ensemble sang last night.

What will be give Him when He comes?
What will we give the Promised One?
We can feel the time is near.
What will we give Him when He first appears?

Kings will bring Him precious gifts; incense, myrrh, and gold.
Shepherds will bring Him simple things His tiny hands can hold.

We will give our hearts to Him;
we will give our love.
That is what we'll give Him -
when at last He comes.

I put my lists aside and my cookie dough in the refrigerator and redirected my heart and mind. No longer the "stressed out kitty" - I am now putting Christ back in Christmas!

So now I will go on with my shopping, wrapping, and baking - but being careful to keep it in perspective.

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