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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crunch Time . . .

So far this week:

Megan and I met with Pastor Z. and walked through the ceremony;
We also meet with Mr. M. regarding the reception - Wow! There's a lot of tables and chairs to move!;
Megan and Adam picked up their wedding bands;
We finally decided on tonight for the boys to get measured for their tuxes;
We gave the flowers to Mrs. P. - and we were promptly informed that we don't have "nearly enough flowers" for a bouquet;
Megan talked to Aunt Carol and emailed cake pictures to her;
Megan had the final, final fitting on her dress;
We found out Emily's dress does fit!! Yay!!;
Megan and Adam got their marriage license;
We purchased ALL of the reception paper products;
We FINALLY mailed all - well, almost all of the invitations;
I tried on 4 potential mother of the bride dresses;
I started a crash diet.

All of this was done in addition to -

Having an AWESOME Christmas cantata and Christmas Dinner on Sunday;
Surviving a winter storm;
Going to one away basketball game;
Grocery shopping;
Starting a crash diet and actually sticking to it;

Who am I kidding - those last three things never happened!

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