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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wedding Update in bullet form

  • Megan and Adam have their first premarital counseling session with Pastor Zemple on Thursday. I think he is more excited than they are!
  • The church threw a WONDERFUL shower for Megan a couple Sundays ago! I am working on a post with pictures from this shower and the one my sister and nieces gave Megan - hope to have it soon.
  • Mary, my three year old niece who is to be one of the flower girls, is not exactly excited about the wedding. Translated=she runs off crying anytime Megan's wedding is mentioned.
  • On the other hand, Gracie (a/k/a three year old niece and other flower girl) seems okay with the wedding and, in fact, met James (a/k/a Adam's four year old cousin and ring bearer) and they got along fabulously!
  • We found out that we can't get the gym to start decorating until after 5:30 pm on Thursday! Not good!
  • Centerpiece ideas are coming along.
Overall, progress is being made - although probably not at the speed it should be at this point. Megan stays really busy with college and substitute teaching which doesn't leave a lot of time to work on the wedding.

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Angel said...

Don't forget. . .I can get a lot done with really good directions while you guys are "rehearsing"