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Monday, September 24, 2007

Little things

I wasn't going to blog today because I just have soooo much cleaning to do - a result of our harried weekend. But I really needed a break - not necessarily from the cleaning but rather from the CD I was listening to while cleaning.

At the conference Brian attended, he purchased two CDs for me on being a pastor's wife - not exactly a subtle hint is it? Just kidding, since I wasn't able to attend the conference with him, I asked him to pick up any information he could that was directed toward a pastor's wife.

The CDs are good, but I just need to take them in "small bites." It has kind of been an overwhelming weekend, and I am in need of some quietness. I used to hate being alone and the house quiet, now sometimes I find myself craving the solitude.

The quietness allows me the chance to look back on how God worked in many ways this past weekend - both big and small.

God is near.

Friday I drove the kids to school and then went to Wal-mart. I had a long grocery list for the ladies retreat, I needed to get gas in the Explorer, and I had a extensive to-do list waiting on me at home. It was a strange feeling to be running around doing normal things knowing Brian was states away - it left me feeling a little alone and vulnerable.

Knowing I was feeling alone and vulnerable, God placed familiar people everywhere I went. At Starbuck's where I ate breakfast there were three home school moms I have known for years, at Wal-mart I saw a different Tabernacle mom in every isle I went down, at the gas station I even found myself at a pump next to a neighbor. God was letting me know that I was alone yet not alone.

God is the great physician (he even works on Jeeps).

As it turned out I was grateful that Levi had put the last part on the Jeep because he ended up needing to drive the Jeep this weekend. There was no room in the Explorer after I packed the piano, TV, sleeping bag, bags, . . . It ended up being a necessity that he drove Joel and himself to Troy's house. God was good and allowed the Jeep to run perfectly - not a spitter or a sputter.

God loves me.

At the ladies retreat things slowed down and it was a sweet, peaceful time. I had cell phone reception (which was a miracle considering we were literally in the middle of no where) and I was able to check in every now and then with Brian.

God is faithful.

The subject matter of the retreat was bitter sweet for Megan because for her it opened up some healing wounds. It was truly God working in her heart this weekend that brought humbleness and quiet surrender in her life. Despite the bumpy gravel roads, during the drive home she thanked me (and her dad too) for the guidance and discipline in her life and again apologized for the mistakes she had made.

God is good.

God gave Brian traveling mercies this weekend. Brian was very thankful that the laws of nature God instituted continued to be true while he was flying. Brian learned a lot at the conference, made a friend (the kids thought this was funny), ate seafood, didn't oversleep, never got lost, and arrived back home safely.

I am thankful that I serve a God that is interested in the little things as well as the big things.

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