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Friday, April 15, 2011

Pyrex Love

Me and Ginger c. 1974

Since starting my Etsy shop, I have spent some time searching for and researching vintage Pyrex dishes . . . actually, I am starting to become a little obsessed.

I am not sure why I love Pyrex so much . . . actually maybe I do know.

For me Pyrex dishes just feel good. Somehow, much like Pepsi Throwback, Pyrex takes me back to the 70's.

Brian and I talk about it all the time . . . we both just had really, really good childhoods. I am not sure what the political or social climate of the 70's was - but life for kids was great.

We played outside. We watched great shows on TV like Emergency and The Brady Bunch. We wore cool clothes. And we ate supper at home every night out of Pyrex dishes!

Life was simple and just plain good.

When I come across different Pyrex patterns memories of Aunt Ann's meatloaf, Aunt Janie's chicken casserole, or Aunt Rose's garden fresh tomatoes are evoked.

But more than that it is just remembering being a kid.

Is it crazy to feel all of that about a glass dish? Maybe, but I must not be the only one to feel this way.

While trying to research a Pyrex pattern that I had never seen before, I ran across the most AWESOME website. Awesome that is if you love Pyrex.

At you can see EVERY Pyrex pattern ever made! Talk about nostalgia!

My plans tonight are to sip on a Pepsi Throwback and look at old Pyrex patterns while watching Emergency on DVD!

Life is still good.


A City Girl said...

This might be one of my favorite post of yours. I too love pyrex and I think because of all you just said. Although I grew up in the 90's life was still good. I think I love pyrex b/c it reminds me of my grandma Mem. I can't wait to visit the aweseome site.

Linda Hestand said...

Precious photo and lovely nostalgic story...I miss the innocent and carefree days of youth.