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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Car Troubles

The Explorer during happier times.

Bad news today.

Our Explorer is dead - died the big one, kicked the bucket, bought the farm.

I am having a hard time coming to terms with it.

We have four vehicles and we need four vehicles. The Explorer, while not without its faults, was our best vehicle.

Now it is gone.

I am trying to look at the positive things:

1. Megan wasn't hurt when it stopped running while she was driving it last night.
2. Adam was there to push it into an empty parking lot.
3. The parking lot happened to be pushing distance to an auto shop.
4. The Explorer didn't quit on Megan while we were states away from her a couple weeks ago.
5. My parents who rarely go to G*** were literally blocks away from Megan last night when she had trouble. Although we nor she knew it at the time, how awesome that God had in place safeguards and help for her.
6. We hadn't put new tires on it yet.
7. It did not break down on Levi and Hope late at night when they were on their way home from prom (Levi was planning on driving it tonight) leaving them stranded on a dark, curvy road. Oh my, that could have been bad for many reasons!

I am really trying to think of 10 positive things, but I am having trouble.

8. It did not break down on Levi and Hope late at night leaving them stranded on a dark, curvy road with nothing but state forest around them. I know I already mentioned that, but I think it bears being mentioned again.
9. It needed cleaned out anyway.

This is getting lame.

10. Our insurance will be cheaper without it.

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