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and of course my dogs . . . and whatever else I feel compelled to write about.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

We had some great family time this weekend.

Here's a quick list recapping the weekend:

went through a mystery fun-house - twice
found out Joel drove in KY for the first time (we thought Levi was driving)
had a somersault competition on the hotel bed - I think I won!
toured Mammoth Cave
ate a lot of chicken
didn't eat rum cake - Aunt Dixie was still sick:(
said ya'll way too much
laughed at Levi hitting his head in Mammoth Cave - twice
made an impromptu decision to stay an extra night
cringed when Joel splattered a cherry limeade from Sonic ALL over the hotel room
worried as Megan and Levi made the 4 hour trip down by themselves
missed Scooby - Ok, maybe I was the only one who missed Scooby!
oohed and ahhed over a bunch of new babies
listened to Brett preach from the back of the wagon
watched Star Wars while piled together on the king-size hotel bed
relished our time with the kids
enjoyed seeing family

What more could you want?